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May 2019

Why Leads Crash and Burn When Salespeople Call the Prospect

May 3, 2019


Mari Anne Vanella, author, and CEO of the Vanella Group, has made millions of B2B outbound calls for her clients. For this program she discusses why companies don’t usually need more leads, they just need to fix the salesperson’s soft sales approach in the initial contacts. The salesperson’s failure, Mari Anne says happens when aggressive salespeople, who don’t listen to the prospect, fail to engage and then blames the lead and source of the lead: marketing. Mari Anne and Paul Roberts discuss:

  • Why revenue success isn’t driven by more leads and what to do about it
  • The five things that occur when the prospect is handed off to the salesperson
  • Why B2B outreach fails
  • Why sales and marketing clashes are created by front-line contact failure of the salesperson
  • Does social selling exist?
  • More science doesn’t solve the salesperson’s approach
  • Why prospects fail to engage with salespeople
  • Why marketing doesn’t need to create more leads if sales had more soft sales skills
  • When digital processes take the humanity out of sales
  • Why management has to follow the customer journey at the front line to understand the breaking points of sales failure
  • Training salespeople isn’t about product or sales skills as much as it is about soft skill development and listening
  • Prospects aren’t a one size fits all
  • What happens when a salesperson puts the prospect in a “time-out”
  • How to measure and fix bad out-reach versus good-outreach

Outstanding Outbound is hosted by Mari Anne Vanella and sponsored by the Vanella Group on the Funnel Radio Channel.