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May 2019

Why the Winning Customer Experience Starts with Sales

May 29, 2019


Host Mari Anne Vanella interviews Michael Fox, a technology sales expert about how a new customer’s relationship starts with their  “relationship” with the sales representative that served and sold them. They discussed:

  • How to develop a winning approach to outbound selling
  • Why relationships start with the first contact and the first call
  • How changes in selling create new problems and opportunities for trust
  • How prospects can form a wrong opinion of you on their own before talking to you
  • What to present to prospects to change their preconceived belief systems about your products
  • While the buyer is more educated, that doesn’t mean they know your products and services
  • How to form the question after the question
  • Why a representative must balance preparation with velocity


 Outstanding Outbound Radio is hosted by Mari Anne Vanella on the Funnel Radio Channel.  The sponsor of Outstanding Outbound is the Vanella Group