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September 4, 2017
Sales Lead Management Association Talk Radio: A Syndicated Program 

SLMA Radio launched in July of 2010 and is broadcast through the internet, live, on Thursdays, at 10: 30 AM PST (California, US) UTC/GMT -8 hours. Listeners can connect via the SLMA website.  It is offered on the Funnel Radio Channel a business unit of the Funnel Media Group, LLC.   Recorded versions of the SLMA Radio program can be found on the SLMA website, via iTunes, on many of the interviewees’ websites, and via the many syndicated outlets which carry the entire programming list of shows.  The program has senior management guests from  marketing and sales vendors and end users. 

SLMA Radio is produced by Paul Roberts of OC Talk Radio, and the hosts are James Obermayer, CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association. Peter Gillett of Zuant and Susan Finch .

The SLMA Talk Radio program as of June 2017 has had 93,,500 download listeners plus live listeners.. As syndication increases, we expect the exposure and listener-ship to quadruple...

SLMA vice president of marketing, Sue Campanale, said “This show is open to SLMA members and non-members alike; anyone interested may tune in. Recorded broadcasts are archived on the SLMA site and available through the many syndicated outlets. “

  • Guests are provided a copy of the program 
  • 30 second Commercials are accepted
  • Potential guests may contact the show’s host, Jim Obermayer, for guest appearances
  • Programs are scheduled 3-4 weeks in advance 
  • There is no cost for being a guest on SLMA Radio
Campanale also said, “We accept commercial advertisers for this web radio program. There will be up to four 30-second commercials per each 25-minute program. Rates are available on the SLMA site.”

About the Show:

SLMA Radio was started as a way to gather industry experts to share their knowledge, stories and tips. Experts are respected leaders in various disciplines as it relates to Sales Lead Management including marketing, data, software, training, events and more.

About the Hosts:

James Obermayer

Publisher of the Funnel Media Group, LLC and founder of the Sales Lead Management Association (2011) - 9,000 world-wide members.  Senior Producer of the Funnel Radio Channel for business to business internet radio and podcast replays. Host of SLMA Radio, the long running (2007) internet radio program that discusses sales lead management and sales lead generation topics and 

Susan Finch

Susan is happy to report long-standing relationships with her clients; some go back over twenty years. he enjoys assisting in the planning of their marketing effort through strategic content so they evolve to include new and current technologies, as well as social media trends. She helps for as long as you need the help or just whenever you need an extra hand. 

In addition to social media weaving, writing and managing, she's also available to help with podcast and video hosting and voiceover. She creates the most efficient use of your time regarding social media or helping you when you are too slammed to do it yourself. Her custom training videos are becoming more popular to teach YOUR regular tasks to your staff to cut down on consulting time.

Peter Gillett

Peter Gillett is CEO of Zuant where he’s responsible for driving product development and client roll-outs of Zuant , the award-winning Mobile Lead Capture app across US corporations.  An entrepreneur and innovator, Peter created the world’s first web-based CRM system funded by Lucent Technologies in the 1990s. CRM, lead generation and follow-up are still the focus for Zuant and its network of NACCENT call centers around the globe.   Contact Peter via email at

About Zuant

Zuant from High Performance Software is the company’s sole product focussed on mobile lead capture. More than half the workforce is employed on tech development to keep pace with an accelerating industry where the need for fast data capture increases in a digital world. As a result, Zuant is seen in 4 main application areas: Tradeshow, Everyday Sales, Market Research and Retail. The company’s core values are then concentrated on beautiful product UI combined with Customer Service Support which is 2nd to none.
You can be one of Four Hosts on SLMA Radio

If you have only 45 minutes a month you can build your personal brand and have your own podcast radio program on SLMA as a co-host.   The reasons to consider being a host on SLMA Radio are:

  •  Being a Podcast/Radio host builds your personal thought leadership brand with thousands of listeners with your name
  • It builds the brand for your company
  • It creates wonderful testimonials from your users and customers
  • It introduces you to major senior management guests as a radio/podcast host
  • Your program will be professionally produced
  • You will spend very little time as a host: typically, 45 minutes once a month
  • You can host your program from any telephone – worldwide
  • The cost is low: $595 per month, no set-fee, no ups and extras, that’s it

To request an appointment to discuss how you can be a host on SLMA Radio, go here:  or call me to schedule your program. 

 Jim Obermayer – Senior Producer SLMA Radio (415) 521 4278