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May 2018

About the SLMA

May 23, 2018

The Sales Lead Management Association was founded by James W. Obermayer, Susan A. Campanale and Mark L. Friedman. The SLMA officially launched on October 1, 2007 and serves the Sales Lead Management community.


The company is privately held and has a diversified business model with revenues coming from sponsors, display advertising, the SLMA Radio Program, Sponsored Webinars, Industry Leaders Links, Case Studies, and Blog. The Sales Lead Management Association is a division of Funnel Media Group, LLC.

  • Education: The SLMA education is divided into the Resources Library and the treasure trove of interveiws on SLMA and CRM Radio. 
  • There are approximately 450 articles from 75 authors on the SLMA site.
  • News: industry news about sales lead management is posted when to the home page.
  • SLMA Radio Interviews industry CEOs or CMOs each program. SLMA Radio has interviewed 500+ Level Executives on 436 episodes.
  • Funnel Radio is an internet radio channel that hosts programs from corporations that want their own radio programs.
  • All internet live programs on the Funnel Radio Channel have had 258,000 listeners for an estimatesd  130,200 hours of content delivery.  
  • Membership is approximately: 26% from c-level titles, 17% from marketing, 19% miscellaneous, 9% managers, 21% sales management, 1% academics, 1% agencies, 3% analysts, 3% Consultants .
  • Membership on January 1, 2018  totaled 7500 subscriber/members.
  • Membership in the SLMA is free.
  • Membership is divided between B2B, B2C and academic members.