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May 2018

Ad Rates

May 23, 2018

SLMA Radio Commercial

Monthly commitment: $200

Up to a 5% discount applies if you are a current sponsor (sponsor page, advertiser, etc).


Do you want your own show?


  • Live on Thursdays at 10:30 AM Pacific time, US UTC/GMT -8 hours.
  • Syndicated, available through iTunes, SLMA website, and guests' websites.

SLMA Radio offers a 30-second commercial spot to present your products to many thousands of listeners. Some hear it live on Thursday, while others listen via iTunes, or to recorded programs on the SLMA Radio site, subscribe through PodBean, or from our syndicated presence on other notable website; and most of the guests post their own interviews on their sites. When you have a commercial on SLMA Live, your reach is spread across the internet. Every time a program is accessed, we record the download. Many programs have had thousands of listeners over time.     

You commercial can be heard on up to eight Funnel Radio programs at different times of the week.  

The value to the advertiser is the "narrow cast" advantage of going to an audience of listeners who are interested in lead generation and lead management. The commercial, once recorded, stays with the program.

SLMA Radio Commercial Cost: $50 per show. 

• Format MP3. If you don't have resources available to you to record this, we can do it for you at a rate of $999. If you provide the script, we provide a music intro, professional voice, etc.