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May 2019

Why Marketing is in the Most Powerful Position in 100 Years


This program addresses the question of who owns the pipeline, sales or marketing and in doing so it becomes apparent that marketing not only owns it but is in the most powerful position in their company in nearly a century.

Why it's Important

Are salespeople just the closers and don't own the pipeline? 

The sales pipeline, aka the sales funnel, is the long-standing measurement of the past, present, and future for a company. In the not too distant past marketing dumped demand into the beginning (top) of the pipeline and sales took responsibility for the rest of the process.

For years marketing has chipped away, usually unintentionally, at various steps of the sales pipeline to aid the salespeople. Most of this is made possible by marketing automation and telemarketing being managed by marketing. After reading some of the more recent research from Velocify of late and comments by people I respect, I think that the sales pipeline ownership has finally shifted from sales to marketing. Marketing in more sophisticated companies probably manages more than 50% of the pipeline steps now and to me, that means ownership has shifted.

Jim Obermayer is the host with the commentary this week.

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May 2019

Incorporating the Six Universal Buying Motives to Improve Email Copy and Response Rates


Most email programs are failing, dismal, weak and ineffective says Laurie Beasley.  Failure is usually the result of poor copy writing (subject line and body) that leads to low opening rates and truncated sales. 

The B2B buyer and consumer are not stupid, she says (quoting David Ogilvy). 

In this podcast Laurie reminds us of the Six Universal Buying Motives which, when used religiously will lead to higher opening rates and more qualified prospects.

Managing email marketing technology has its daily challenges she believes, which take up a lot of the creative effort for email programs.  We must return, she says to the benefits of product features and the reasons why people buy.  She implores copywriters to think about what the prospect’s perspective is and not what the product managers and engineers have surmised.

These six universal buying motives are also covered in her blog: Improving Email Copy and Response Rates by Incorporating the Six Universal Buying Motives.

About our guest host:

LAURIE B. BEASLEY is co-founder and president of Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc. which provides services in inbound and outbound marketing including:  content creation, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), website design, media planning/public relations, direct mail marketing, lead generation and nurture campaigns, marketing automation management, and database management for both B2B and B2C companies. Ms. Beasley serves as president and online marketing certification instructor for the Direct Marketing Association of Northern California. She also speaks on online marketing and demand generation topics for several marketing organizations, including the DMA, BMA, and AMA.

May 2019

Leading Digital Transformation Within Your Organizations

Digital transformation is an organization-wide effort, but it starts with the leadership of marketing. From vision creation to team empowerment, CMOs and marketing leaders are poised to drive transformation within their organizations but not all are well-versed in how to approach this transformation.
This month on Revenue Rebels Rhoan Morgan sits down with colleague Eric Hollebone, Chief Marketing Technologist and VP Marketing at DemandLab to motivate and empower marketing leaders to lead the digital transformation from within. Listen as they discuss:
  • Why marketing is the ideal candidate to lead digital transformation
  • How to get the organizational buy-in needed to lead your transformation efforts
  • The role data plays in this transformation
  • How to transition from strategy to execution
If today's episode inspires you to begin your transformation journey, access your complimentary copy of the Change Agents Book and Playbook to get started.
About Our Guest: 
Eric Hollebone, Chief Marketing Technologist, VP Marketing, DemandLab

Eric brings DemandLab’s Revenue Ecosystem® Framework to life for our clients by integrating strategy, technology, and data across the marketing, sales, and services continuum. By leveraging enterprise data architecture and developing growth engines to drive digital innovation, Eric designs and customizes solutions for the entire length of the customer journey—from creating awareness to increasing revenue to enhancing loyalty and customer lifetime value.

May 2019

Why Leads Crash and Burn When Salespeople Call the Prospect


Mari Anne Vanella, author, and CEO of the Vanella Group, has made millions of B2B outbound calls for her clients. For this program she discusses why companies don’t usually need more leads, they just need to fix the salesperson’s soft sales approach in the initial contacts. The salesperson’s failure, Mari Anne says happens when aggressive salespeople, who don’t listen to the prospect, fail to engage and then blames the lead and source of the lead: marketing. Mari Anne and Paul Roberts discuss:

  • Why revenue success isn’t driven by more leads and what to do about it
  • The five things that occur when the prospect is handed off to the salesperson
  • Why B2B outreach fails
  • Why sales and marketing clashes are created by front-line contact failure of the salesperson
  • Does social selling exist?
  • More science doesn’t solve the salesperson’s approach
  • Why prospects fail to engage with salespeople
  • Why marketing doesn’t need to create more leads if sales had more soft sales skills
  • When digital processes take the humanity out of sales
  • Why management has to follow the customer journey at the front line to understand the breaking points of sales failure
  • Training salespeople isn’t about product or sales skills as much as it is about soft skill development and listening
  • Prospects aren’t a one size fits all
  • What happens when a salesperson puts the prospect in a “time-out”
  • How to measure and fix bad out-reach versus good-outreach

Outstanding Outbound is hosted by Mari Anne Vanella and sponsored by the Vanella Group on the Funnel Radio Channel.

Apr 2019

Does Product Management Have a Role in Sales Enablement?


Product marketing sits at the intersection of product, marketing, and sales, making it a critical function in enhancing value creation for the customer and supporting sales enablement.  But do product marketing managers just assume this responsibility lies with someone else in marketing?  Revenue operations? Marketing Operations? Marketing Communications? CMO?

This month, Kristin Roberts, Vice President, Product Marketing at Phreesia, joins the Revenue Rebels podcast to share strategies on how product marketing can and should deliver value internally and externally. Tune in to find out:

  • How product marketing supports sales enablement
  • Product marketing’s role in revenue generation
  • What technologies support product marketing and sales team collaboration

About Kristin Roberts

Kristin Roberts is responsible for the positioning and go-to-market strategy for Phreesia’s products and applications. Before joining Phreesia, Kristin was a management consultant at Booz & Company, where she led product launch and growth strategy engagements for its life sciences clients. She also worked as a consultant at ZS Associates, specializing in quantitative physician market research and sales deployment optimization. Kristin earned an MBA from Columbia Business School and holds a BA in Public Health Studies from Johns Hopkins University.

Revenue Rebels is hosted by Rhoan Morgan, President of DemandLab and broadcast on the Funnel Radio Channel.

Apr 2019

Must Listen: Personal Growth Equals Sales Growth Podcast with David Kreiger


David Kreiger believes in two management techniques for his inside sales representatives: the theory of one thing and that personal growth equals sales growth. 

Every sales rep needs coaching, no one is ever too good not to improve and grow. But one-fits-all approaches to sales coaching is often a short-term method that is usually a long term failure. In this program, David Kreiger, president of Sales Roads reveals how he has solved the sales coaching challenge with great success by using the “One Thing” model.

About our Guest David Kreiger

David Kreiger is the Founder and President of SalesRoads, a business-to-business appointment setting, lead generation and sales outsourcing company. He has been named as one of The Most Influential Leaders in Sales & Lead Management by the SLMA the last four years in a row. 

SalesRoads Overview

SalesRoad’s focus is on developing and implementing high-quality, professional, business-to-business inside sales teams for its clients with its turn-key solutions.  These include recruiting, training and retaining highly skilled workforces, developing powerful call approaches, rebuttal strategies and leveraging the latest technologies to build pipeline, increase sales and lower its clients’ costs per sale.  For more information you can visit SalesRoads at or call them at 800-836-4033.

Also of interest:

For more valuable advice, access the Sales Road Blog here 

More from Kreiger 




Apr 2019
Apr 2019
Apr 2019

Why Segmentation is Key to Building Your Customer Journey


You wouldn’t market to the CEO of a Fortune 100 company in the same way you’d market to a SMB marketing director. Why market to your customer and prospect audiences in the same way? When you prioritize segmentation, you enable your company to target the right audience with the right message at the right time, while delivering a superior experience. This month on Revenue Rebels, Rhoan Morgan sits down with Rebecca Kaufman, Director, Strategic Marketing at Phreesia to discuss the importance of segmentation in marketing. 

Revenue Rebels is hosted by Rhoan Morgan, CEO of DemandLab the host sponsor.  

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How Revenue Operations Improves Customer Engagement


Getting sales and marketing teams to support revenue and business growth goals isn’t a small undertaking.   It's obvious, you'd think, and yet walking the talk is more difficult.  Hence, the rise of revenue operations and roles like Chief Revenue Officer, which exist to bring synergy between revenue-generating teams like marketing and sales.

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