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Oct 2018

3 Demands of a Growth Culture - Dave Sikora Podcast with Laura Patterson

October 22, 2018

20180719-tweet-rsg-patterson-sikora.jpgHost, Laura Patterson interviews Dave Sikora, CEO, Altr for her monthly program: Ready, Set, Grow! 

Ready, Set, Grow! is to provide a venue for CXOs to share their insights on what it takes to successfully achieve organic growth, lessons learned, the role they believe Marketing needs to play in growth and how they measure Marketing’s contribution beyond this “quarters” revenue. 

 They discuss:

  1. In first year companies it’s all about revenue
  2. Marketing has to concentrate on upstream activities
  3. Culture plays a huge role in new company startups
  4. Three characterizes of a successful growth culture

About Dave Sikora

A software industry veteran, Dave has previously served as CEO of 2 public and 5 private, venture capital backed software companies and has held board director positions with 4 public companies. He executed the first Internet Software IPO in the State of Texas in 1995 and collectively his companies have raised over $100M in venture capital and have experienced exits and value creation events of almost $1B. Dave was most recently the CEO of Stratfor, a global intelligence and research firm with industry-leading products focused on emerging global physical and cybersecurity threats. Dave is an alumnus of the University of Houston and Harvard Business School.