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Feb 2011

Feb. 3 Show: Shawn McLaren, Adam Blitzer & James Obermayer

February 3, 2011
Commentary: James Obermayer, CEO of the SLMA.

7 Demanding, pushy minutes, from the CEO of the SLMA on why Marketing must spend money on programs that work, and let their competitors spend money on everything else.

Shawn McLaren CEO , ConnectandSell solution.

We will discuss with Shawn why cold calling is not dead. Why new technology is putting life and revenue back in the B2B cold calling arena.

Shawn is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ConnectAndSell. Shawn brings an enviable track record as inventor and entrepreneur. Shawn joined ConnectAndSell in 2007. Prior to ConnectAndSell, Shawn ran Securant which was sold to RSA. Shawn may be best known as founder of Cambridge Systems Group and inventor of the first storage management product for mainframe computers. Shawn is a passionate alumni of the University of Michigan.

Adam Blitzer, Co-founder and COO of Pardot and author of “Think Outside the Inbox.”

This interview will focus on Campaign Reporting and the value of marketing automation to the salespeople it serves (what’s in it for sales?)

Adam is responsible for product management, marketing, and operations. Adam was previously a senior email marketing consultant for InterContinental Hotels Group, a consultant at Moxie Interactive, and spent four years in Japan at an advertising agency. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Adam holds a bachelor's degree from Duke University and studied abroad at Waseda University.

Read his book, Think Outside the Inbox, or his B2B marketing automation blog.

James Obermayer, SLMA Shawn McLaren Adam Blitzer
James Obermayer, CEO of the SLMA. Shawn McClaren CEO , ConnectandSell solution. Adam Blitzer, Co-founder and COO of Pardot and author of "Think Outside the Inbox."

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