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Mar 2012

March 8: Dan Rogers CEO of SmartLead

March 5, 2012

dan-rogers-200.jpgSLMA Radio interviews Dan Rogers of SmartLead. Will Crist the host will ask about Dan to explain:

  • What do you mean when you make the claim you offer software with a service?
  • What is personalized software capability?
  • Please describe what you mean by “complex lead distribution.”
  • Account management and customer service are an issue with the big CRM companies, why is SmartLead different?
  • Can you define sales lead nurturing SmartLead style?

Dan Rogers drives the company’s vision. With more than 22 years of executive experience, Dan’s leadership expertise includes international assignments. In New Zealand, he was a charter member of the CLEAR Communications management team. In Ireland, Dan served as the Director of General Operations at East Telecom. And in the Netherlands, he worked for Versatel Telecommunications. Prior to joining SmartLead, he also served as Vice President of Customer Solutions for APAC Customer Services and Vice President of Customer Services at Telecom USA in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Dan is also a member of the Sales Lead Management Association’s Advisory Board. Dan’s state appointments include the Iowa Capital Investment Board and the Iowa Emergency Response Commission. He holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Iowa.

Since 1981, companies have relied on SmartLead’s customized lead management systems and best practices to smoothly and seamlessly manage leads from the moment the leads are generated, through qualification, ranking, nurturing and distribution to sales people or channel partners.

About SmartLead

SmartLead is the only full-service lead management company with:

  • Dedicated account managers to advise clients on best practices and implement their programs
  • Web-based lead management, sales force automation systems
  • Insightful analytics system
  • In-house marketing services: contact center, direct mail, email, printing, web hosting, and fulfillment/warehouse.

Large companies with complex sales or dealer distribution systems rely on SmartLead to simplify the Herculean task of managing thousands of leads from multiple sources. SmartLead smoothly and seamlessly manages the lead process from the moment the leads are generated until the leads are qualified and distributed to sales people or channel partners.