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Oct 2012

Oct. 3: Top Ten Pricing Mistakes even Pros Make!

October 3, 2012


SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer interviews Per Sjortor of Atenga to discuss the most amateur mistakes even the most seasoned managers make in pricing their products. While this isn’t a sales lead management topic, Obermayer felt it is too important to miss.

per-sjortor.pngPer Sjortor

Mr. Sjorto’s long term interest in pricing as a key business driver lead to the founding of Atenga. He discovered that what he learned about pricing in business school was not actionable and practical enough to be useful. Having the opportunity to try different approaches to pricing, he concluded that there are specific intellectual properties around pricing that could be developed and that he could build a company around. That company is Atenga

Prior to Atenga, Per had more than 25 years of executive management experience and has founded and built a number of successful, and very profitable, sales and marketing companies in Europe and in the US. Per also co-founded industry association G-SAM and has published a number of articles in industry press. He is also a sought-after speaker at conferences.

About Atenga, Inc.

Atenga, Inc. was incorporated in 2002 and is located in the Los Angeles area. The Company began as a marketing consultancy, helping European and Asian companies establish markets in the United States. In that capacity, the founder discovered that European companies often took a much more disciplined approach to pricing than many American companies did, and American companies often relied on gut feel and flawed information to make critical pricing decisions.

In 2004, the founder toured several European companies in several different countries (Holland, Germany, Sweden and others), and documented their pricing methodologies. He re-oriented Atenga to focus strictly on pricing, adapting the European model to the American marketing and management style and customs. In 2010, we expanded our reach with dedicated resources in Europe, South America and Asia.

During 2011, the company got increased insight into the deficiencies of traditional customer satisfaction studies and measurements. Consequently, we developed a process to mitigate these deficiencies and offer clients truly valuable customer and competitor satisfaction measurements.

Our staff comes with degrees from the best universities in the nation and with multi-year experiences working in senior positions at some of the leading companies in the world, such as American Express, Starbucks and others.