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Jul 2017

Startupland: Madness, Brilliance and PR Misadventures

July 22, 2017


"Startupland: Madness, Brilliance and PR Misadventures" brings new insight about startup decisions, the good and the bad, from the external PR counsel perspective.  Co-Authored by Kevin Wolf and Polly Traylor, the book shares stories about their clients, such as the CEO who only wanted "to podium," the CMO whose pitbull tactics had them running for the door, and the founder who put more energy into his Twitter posts than steering the ship on a smooth course.  We interview Kevin Wolf and ask him about the three biggest pitfalls for start-ups and what can be done to avoid them.  The host is Jim Obermayer

About the authors Kevin Wolf and Polly Taylor

Kevin Wolf is the founder of TGPR, a content marketing and PR agency based in Silicon Valley. Prior to starting TGPR, he managed corporate communications for a publicly-traded software company and worked in a pair of PR agencies. Kevin is a graduate of San Diego State University. He lives in Menlo Park, California, with his wife and sons.

Polly Traylor is founder and owner of PST Consulting, Inc., a corporate communications firm based in the Denver area. Previously, Polly worked at Microsoft in Seattle, and before that, as a staff editor and writer at various technology industry publications including CIO and The Industry Standard.  Polly is married to David, a life sciences investment banker, and together they are raising two daughters and three rescue  animals.

About the Companies

TGPR is a full-service content marketing and PR agency. Our clients are early stage enterprise cloud companies that want to raise awareness for their people, products and services, but don’t want to break the bank doing so. TGPR was founded in 2002 by enterprise communications practitioner Kevin Wolf, who is supported on client business by experienced writing and media professionals. TGPR’s mission is to support enterprise sales and marketing with great content and media relations. 


PST Consulting Inc. is a corporate communications provider serving startups up to Fortune 1000 clients with PR and writing services.

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