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Mar 2014

The Eight Pillars of Demand Generation for Revenue Acceleration

March 11, 2014

SLMA Radio Host Jim Obermayer interviews agency founder, president and author Russell Kern about is his up-coming book, The Eight Pillars of Demand Generation for Revenue Acceleration. In this interview Russell tackles the reasons for developing the Eight Pillars of demand generation and revenue acceleration. We will discuss how and why Russell ties revenue to demand generation. The "R Word" is finally coming into its own for marketers and as usual Kern is ahead of the herd in predicting how to get there.

russell-kern.pngRussell Kern


Whether he's putting together a strategic marketing plan or speed-walking around the office, greeting every employee who crosses his path, Russell is the heart and soul of KERN. He launched the agency in 1991 and has been helping clients such as DIRECTV, CLEAR, SAP and Symantec, achieve astounding results ever since. In fact, for Russell, moving the needle for companies is much more than a business objective, it's a true passion. He often cites the core principles of the founding "masters" of direct marketing. After growing his agency into a response-generating machine, speaking at direct marketing events around the country and authoring the book S.U.R.E.-Fire Direct Response Marketing, it's safe to say Russell has become quite the master himself.

About Kern An Omnicom Agency


Your customers and prospects are tapping, texting and browsing on any number of devices and platforms. If you want to engage them, your brand needs to be an active part of their digital lives—which is where we come in. For years, we've been using digital channels to help world-class companies reach, sway and excite people wherever they are. First, we capture information that is loaded with insights about your prospects. Then, we use those insights to make sure your campaigns are doing their best to quickly deliver what your customers are looking for when they're in the market for your product. Our background in direct means that every email, website, microsite or landing page that we design seamlessly integrates with your offline efforts—and follows proven best practices, regardless of media. We know how to leverage the strengths of search, social media, mobile and email marketing to achieve the kind of synergy that delivers impressive results quickly.


Okay, we love data. More than chocolate. Why? Because it's the key to unlocking the wants and desires of your customers. And in the new era of big data, there are even bigger opportunities in targeting, segmentation, insights and measurement. Our expertise lets us turn that data into actionable insights that we use to drive growth. Big growth. Really fast. Our state-of-the-art analytics, social listening and research tools enable us to target very specific segments and develop messaging that's spot-on. What's more, we're able to take all the data we've crunched on your behalf and serve it up as meaningful intelligence that you can use to drive your business and marketing decisions.


Believe it or not, direct response marketing continues to be the workhorse of many of our national clients. Our data-driven, high-performance direct mail programs generate thousands of customer acquisitions—at a cost that might surprise you. Because we live and breathe this stuff, and have for years, your first campaign with us will likely exceed your expectations – by a wide margin. We've created some pretty inventive techniques to identify the most likely buyers for our clients' services and products. Understanding consumer behavior also helps us develop the right offer—the one that'll get them to stop what they're doing and respond right NOW.