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Sep 2020

What B2B Can Learn from B2C Customer Experience

September 9, 2020

Stuart Gilchriest from Hertz on Revenue Rebels with host, Rhoan Morgan of DemandLab

In many ways, CX and Marketing are the key parts of the business tasked with thinking about the future of the business, and in particular, customer needs. Businesses that closely align these two functional areas can have a greater impact on the customer experience, and essentially a better business outcome.

This month on Revenue Rebels, join us as Rhoan Morgan sits down with Stuart Gilchriest, Director of Customer Experience and CCXP at Hertz to explore:

  • Who owns CX and where it should live within an organization
  • The role data plays in a successful CX strategy
  • Tips B2B can take from B2C CX

Revenue Rebels is hosted by Rhoan Morgan of DemandLab which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  DemandLab is the sponsor of Revenue Rebels

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