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Oct 2012

Why Webinars fail and 10 never-fail ways to boost webinar results!

October 24, 2012

SLMA host Jim Obermayer will ask with Mark Alarik of Sales Overlays why most webinars fail the majority of the time.  In this brief program Mark will share with us 10 of his 24 secrets for a successful webinar program.

Mark Alarik will share how to quickly boost the effectiveness of any webinar. He’ll explain how you can transform your webinars, and any presentation, from boring and mediocre into one that is even more appealing and productive than tradeshows and other lead generation channels.

Mark is also offering his newest publication FOR FREE, entitled The 24 New Rules of Webinar Presentations – How to build a growing community of raving fans!

g-mark-alarik.jpgG. Mark Alarik

G. Mark Alarik is co-founder and president of Sales Overlays, a sales and marketing agency that has served Fortune 500 and smaller companies since 1975. Their primary business is developing problem solving marketing campaigns that fill the sales funnel with quality leads and grow the value of the customer base.  Mark is also a published author in many trade magazines.

In the next 40 minutes you will learn:

  • How to tap into the real potential of webinar marketing.
  • The Top Ten Rules that will impact your webinars the most
  • Why Steve Jobs was one of the greatest business presenters, and which two of his techniques will improve your webinars by 200%!

You can contact Mark at 847-942-7140 to get your free copy of his publication or to discuss your next webinar.